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Fibreglass fixed vertical ladders / shaft ladders

Model 10

This ladder is made entirely from fibreglass reinforced polyester, with yellow stiles and white rungs.



The 30 mm width non-slip rungs are D-shaped and are horizontal when in use. The stile ends are protected by caps, whilst the rung seats are sealed with plugs.


The ladder is secured to the wall and to the pit floor with stainless steel brackets. Optionally, the ladder can be fitted with two hand grips which extend out of the pit and which are folded away after use. Safety rings can also be optionally fitted.
Pit ladders are manufactured to the requirements of standard UNE-EN 14122 (machinery safety. Permanent means of access to industrial machinery and facilities. Part 4: Fixed ladders).

This model is customised to meet the requirements of each particular situation.