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Safety fibreglass ladder ARISAFE-2

Fibreglass extension ladder equipped with an anchor point on the last rung to which the user can connect a lifeline.






ModelExtensionRungsHeight (mm)Width (mm)Weight (Kg)Extendible Legs (mm)
F7210MEPFPush-up2x103000 / 496045022+82000/3500
F7210CEPFRope2x103000 / 496045025+82000 / 3500
F7212MEPFPush-up2x123560 / 608045025+102500 / 4300
F7212CEPFRope2x123560 / 608045028+102500 / 4300
F7214MEPFPush-up2x144120 / 720045028+113000 / 5000
F7214CEPFRope2x144120 / 720045031+113000 / 5000
F8216CEPFRope2x164680 / 832050041+12,53500 / 5700

These references can be ordered with aluminium legs instead of aluminium and fiberglass legs. In this case,the models would be the same but without the final F (F7210MEP, F7212MEP, F7214MEP, F8216CEP).

  • There are two ways of stabilising the ladders:
    Works on poles: the ladder is tied to the pole with the rope provided for this purpose.
    Works on facades: using the extendible legs.
  • The ladders can be either push-up or rope-operated extension ladders and several heights are available.
  • Equipment included:
    › Height-adjustable legs.
    EN 795 anchor point to be used with a lifeline.
    Works on poles: pole grip, eyebolts, grippers, and rope to be tied to the pole.
    Works on facades: extendible aluminium and fibreglass legs.
  • Electrical and thermal insulation. They are antimagnetic and highly resistant to humidity, acids, corrosion and ultra-violet rays.
  • 30mm width non-slip fibreglass rungs, which are in horizontal position while using the ladder.
  • Distance between rungs: 28 cm
  • Equipped with wall wheels.
  • Equipped with swivel rubber feet.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and fittings.
  • Tornillería y herrajes en acero inoxidable.
  • Stiles closed with rubber end caps.
  • Rungs closed with caps.
  • Sliding rollers between the two sections to avoid stile wear.
  • Manufactured according to the European Standard UNE-EN 131 of Ladders and UNE EN 50528 Insulating Ladders.
  • Electrical insulation tests at 100 kV according to the standard requirements of UNE-EN 61478 – Ladders of insulating material.